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Introducing: GHOSTEATER

GHOSTEATER is an Electronic Dance Music project born out of the cold in the United States Midwest. Heralding from Minneapolis, Minnesota and coming online officially in early 2020. Though the project itself is new the humans/creatures involved have been in the music and entertainment industry for more than a decade. Mixing original musical productions with classic 'digging thru the underground' DJ mixing culture and blurring the lines between musical artist and literal walking, talking & dancing art project GHOSTEATER brings a unique mix of bass music and dubstep sounds to the table as well as a few other tricks for good measure including a built in light show right there on the performers face. Literally.

Not to be outdone by their beautiful face; GHOSTEATER's original music as well as mixing comes first and foremost. Seen as the foundation holding the project together GHOSTEATER's music is always intended to be able to stand on it's own. Combining melodic elements with dubstep sound design and genre hopping rythems resulting in an over all 'heavy melodic dubstep' vibe as well as experiments in entirely other genres like hard dance and techno here and there.

GHOSTEATER's live show is scalable from intimate club settings all the way up to mainstage festival levels. Requiring only a typical Pioneer CDJ set up at a minimum but capable of bringing a full semi of production as long as the deposits are paid we are easily adaptable to whatever situation arises. Those elements combined with an personal artistic obsession of sonic perfection in creating dance music expreiences that border on clinical anywhere GHOSTEATER is invited it is inevitable that when the show ends the senses are overwhelmed and audiences are left wanting more. The equipment may be typical, the CDJs and mixer may be a familiar sight, but the performer behind them is as alien and new as it gets.


Putting our money where our mouth is below is our sophmore release titled Orbital Sunrise released last year.

GHOSTEATER ยท Orbital Sunrise EP


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GHOSTEATER is not just a music producer and DJ. As with most creative projects these days, GHOSTEATER is a multifaceted multimedia content generator that is constantly generating and producing quality content of all kinds. In addition to the music, live shows and touring GHOSTEATER also maintains a YouTube Channel, streaming platform, as well as a podcast where they interview guests of all kinds. From music videos to behind the scenes goodies we are always having fun making something new.

Below is our very first music video:










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